Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Karen Matthews


Karen Matthews is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. Her experience includes working with adolescents, children and adults in inpatient and outpatient settings.

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Michelle Takes


Michelle Takes is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.   She has her Master's degree in Science in the Human Services with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling.  She currently is working on her Phd in Counseling, Education, and Supervision.  She have over 10 years working with families, couples, and individuals.

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Joan (2)

Joan Deluhery-Wagemester


Joan Deluhery-Wagemester is a Licensed Independent Social Worker.  She graduated with a Master's of Arts in Social Work from the University of Iowa.  She has worked with inpatient and outpatient psychiatry all ages.

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Logo Explanation:

How our team developed and designed our logo.

Our Logo!

So where did our logo come from? First our team knew we wanted to think outside the box and did not want the stereotypical trees, nature scene or typical images commonly found on therapy websites. So, we were challenged to really put our creativity to the test. Michelle Takes recalls one early morning heading to the office and daydreaming about logo ideas while listening to the radio. The commentator was talking about how a triangle is arguably the strongest geometric shape found in nature. It was a light bulb moment for Michelle. She began to think about the cognitive triangle; thinking, feeling and doing and how when this triangle is in a healthy balance one feels grounded and solid.

So, what other shapes in life, nature and psychology might match well with our triangle/pyramid? Well how about the box or in 3 dimension our cube. If trapped in the box one can feel stuck, frustrated even hopeless. But think outside the box and there is a whole new world of solutions, excitement and empowerment.



Well we couldn’t just stop with 2 shapes that seemed unfinished. So we needed a third like a triangle has three sides.

Then came the circle. If unbroken it creates a kind of circuit like what electricity needs to bring us power for all our amazing gadgets. Also like the vicious cycle of depression and anxiety. If left uninterrupted the vicious circle of depression and anxiety can continue to spiral in a negative direction. But if we learn how to reverse that cycle one can lessen or eliminate that spiral.

It was now time to bring this imaginative logo to life so with the help of Michelle’s supportive and amazingly talented husband Scott Takes the logo was formed. He listed to the ideas and vision and one pencil stroke at a time he created the foundation of the logo and hand drew the font for the lettering. Then the late night drawing session was finessed by Scott’s assistant Heather Slater who worked her magic on the computer and added and tweaked the fine details until we finally had our unique and custom logo!

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